giovedì, gennaio 25, 2007

Venti del Nord e Ricordi del “Nordeste”

Ecco la storia dietro una foto, raccontata da Dauro:

Your blog is a box full of surprises! It´s the first time I see the picture. From left to right: Camilla, me and Kjersti. Natal, Brazil, 1994. I´d rather start from the very beginning: when I was ten y/o, a Norwegian backpacker was a guest in our neighbors. We made acquaintance and I said to myself: one day I´ll go to Norway. A few years later (I was 15), while studying English at Cultura Inglesa (by the way, where I met you), I decided to practise my written skills in a penpal system where we put our data in a computer and it gave us a few names of people. Then...
... I started exchanging letters with Kjersti, a Norwegian girl of 13 y/o. We´ve been penfriends for more than 20 years. In 94 we finally met in a trip to Bolivia and Brazil. In Natal, you and Gigliola honoured us with your hospitality at Babilonia. Three years later, in 1997, my wife Laura and I spent 3 months backpacking in Europe. And finally my dream of visiting Norway was reality. We´ve been invited to Kjersti´s wedding celebration with Erik in a town close to Oslo. It was an intimate party, and we were the only guests from outside the family circle. We had a wonderful time up there. This is, in short, the story of a beautiful friedship

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