mercoledì, marzo 26, 2008

Sauna, Suomi, Kirsti, Tuija and Petri

Every time I go for a Sauna I can't help not to think about three Finnish people I met in my life: Kirsti Soisalo, Tuija and Petri Lehtonen. I met Kirsti when I worked in a hotel called Maksoud Plaza, in Sao Paulo, in 1980. I got to know Petri and Tuja in Natal in 1995, I guess. It would be so great to know where they are and how they are doing. I'm sure they don't know that I no longer live in Brazil but in Italy with Gigliola and Marina . I'd love to let them know that I love Suomi just because I was lucky enough to have met them. Where are you, finlandeses queridos?

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