domenica, luglio 30, 2006

Back to England

Loreto, 30th July 2006
After 25 years, I'll be coming to England.
This time I won't be arriving by myself. Gigliola and Marina will be with me.
I'll be also taking in my heart many other people that I met there a quarter of a century ago. People that took part in any way in my first travel abroad will also be by my side; specially those who "moved" "abroad" for ever.
We shall be arriving to Cambridge on 1st August and staying there for two nights.
Stratford-upon-Avon will be our next stop, for two days. Then we'll go to Oxford, for four days and London, for two days. We'll then stay in Salisbury to visit Stonehenge for two days; and back to London to spend the week end with friends. Our two last days in England will be in Cambridge from where we'll be departing to come back to Italy.
I intend to update the blog so that my friends can follow the first real vacation travel I take with my wife and my daughter.

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Dauro Veras ha detto...

Maravilha! É sempre bom rever os lugares que nos fizeram quem somos. É uma outra viagem, decerto, mas assim é a vida. As viagens nunca se repetem. Uma grande e deliciosa aventura pra vocês três.